Məhsul xidmətlərinə & baxmaq

CWPpro - Partner
CWPpro Partner - minimum requirement of 10 CWPpro licenses
$0.99 monthly per IPv4 address

You will get access to the IP manager where you can add/remove licenses for IP's.
$9.90 USD monthly

CWP NOC Partner - Website Listing (-10 Mövcuddur)
Get your hosting site listed on CWP website for 1 yr.
* We will add only hosting provider sites which provide CWP
$20.00 USD İllik

CentOS WebPanel PRO version

More INFO: https://control-webpanel.com/cwppro

$1.49 USD monthly
$4.39 USD Rüblük
$8.89 USD Yarım illik
$11.99 USD İllik

CentOS WebPanel PRO version for NOC Partners (IP ranges)

More INFO: https://control-webpanel.com/licenses-for-partners

$6.00 USD monthly + $2.99 USD quraşdırma haqqı
$18.00 USD Rüblük + $2.99 USD quraşdırma haqqı
$36.00 USD Yarım illik + $2.99 USD quraşdırma haqqı
$66.00 USD İllik + $2.99 USD quraşdırma haqqı